FoldingText 2.0 Released

I’m very happy to report that FoldingText 2.0 is out!

It’s a free update to all existing users, and is 50% off for new users this week.

I’m sorry this update took so long. FoldingText’s been rewritten 2 or 3 times since the last release. It’s been a long journey, but is back on track.

Please treat 2.0 as a new app. Explore the menu’s, browse the documentation. Give it all another try. Changes are everywhere, here are a few of the big ones:

  • Much improved editor. FoldingText now uses the open source CodeMirror editor component and is much more stable.

  • Expanded syntax highlighting. Markdown, GitHub Markdown, CriticMarkup, and large parts of MultiMarkdown.

  • New Software Development Kit. The API’s are now documented, more powerful, and easier to debug.

Jesse Grosjean

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TaskPaper files on iOS

There was a big question on what would happen to TaskPaper after I had to drop support for TaskPaper on iOS so I could just focus on the mac. The good news is it’s really getting better.

Three projects to look at:

Listacular 1.4 was just released today and includes native support for TaskPaper formatted files on iOS.

Taskmator has continued development on the TaskPaper for iOS code that I open sourced. It’s already three releases in and appears to be doing lots of cleanup and fixing.

There’s also a bunch of other projects going on. Please checkout Gabe’s TaskPaper R&D Notebook for a great summary.

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TaskPaper for iOS source code

I’m reversing course and have decided to post the source code for TaskPaper for iOS. This is an app that I no longer have time to develop myself, but I’ve had many emails from people who’d like to work on it. Be warned, it’s old and messy, but maybe still useful in the end. Have fun, I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

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PlainText transition + bug + solution

I’ve sold PlainText to 433 labs. My version will be removed at the end of the week.

Unfortunately, my most recent PlainText release (earlier today) includes a bug that crashes the app after viewing a notification about the sale and new app. And that makes it difficult to export your iCloud and local document data. It was not my intention, sorry about that.

There are three solutions:

  1. You can use iExplorer from to browse an export the files from your iOS device. To get your iCloud documents browse to: iExplorer/iOS device name/iCloud/PlainText/Documents. For local documents browse to: iExplorer/iOS device name/Apps/PlainText/Documents. For Dropbox documents, they are already stored in your Dropbox folder.

  2. To retrieve your iCloud documents you can also try going to and signing in with your Apple ID. You can then browse all of your iCloud data, including your PlainText files in the folder: 64A5CLJP5W~com~hogbaysoftware~PlainText.

  3. You can also just wait until my next (and last) release of PlainText shows up in the app store. It should fix the bug if all goes well.


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Winter 2014 Newsletter

For the last 3 years Grey, Mutahhir, Young Hoo, and myself worked full-time at Hog Bay Software. Unfortunately our sales dropped this year forcing it back to just me again.

Going forward I will focus on the Mac apps: FoldingText, WriteRoom, and TaskPaper. The next version of FoldingText is in progress. After that I’ll do updates to WriteRoom and TaskPaper.

I will stop selling the iOS apps. I’m sorry, I know this is disappointing, but I see no way to maintain them all myself. They are free this week and then will be removed from the app store. I recommend the following alternatives:

  • PlainText 2 by 433 Labs is a continuation of my PlainText app, just developed and supported by them instead of me. It’s a good replacement for both PlainText and WriteRoom for iOS. The “Remove Ads” in-app-purchase is free for a limited time.

  • Listacular by Bloomingsoft is a good replacement for TaskPaper for iOS. It’s a similar concept and understands TaskPaper-formatted files. Use Dropbox to sync TaskPaper for Mac files to Listacular on iOS.

Jesse Grosjean

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PlainText Plan (2)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not the right developer for PlainText. I’m now looking for another developer take over the project.

With all of Hog Bay Software’s different apps I have found out the hard way that I don’t have time to make it great. I’ve come a little late to realizing that Hog Bay Software has expanded to do too many things without enough focus. I’m now in the process of scaling back so I can focus better on a few and make them great.

I’m very hopeful that PlainText will find a good home where it will get the developer attention that it deserves. Last year it made a bit over 30k in ad revenue and its single IAP, and had about 450k downloads. I hope this will attract a good developer who can carry on the torch better then I can.

Even with this recent disaster of a release I think it’s in position to do better, if given the right attention. I just spent 4+ months rewriting the app. It now has modern iOS 7 foundation. It supports iCloud. It uses the official Dropbox sync framework. And it has three new features as in-app purchases in addition to the original “Remove Ads” purchase. It needs a few rounds of interface updates, but the foundation is solid and ready for the future.

My goal is to get this done soon so development of the app will continue without pause.


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PlainText for iOS 7 Update

This update didn’t go as I had hoped. I’m sorry about that. Here’s what we are doing:

  1. WriteRoom for iOS is free while we work on PlainText. It has all the same features as PlainText 1, plus extras. Please use WriteRoom if you rely on any PlainText 1 features.

  2. We are taking your feedback and getting PlainText 2 back to the level you expected. This will take some time. Try out the updates, keep giving us feedback. Use WriteRoom in the meantime.

Thanks. This hasn’t been fun for any of us, but the problems are fixable. It will just take some time.

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Oak Outliner

We’ve just released a new app, Oak Outliner.

Oak is a web app for outlining your ideas in plain text. It’s free, doesn’t require an account, and I hope it will be a quick and easy place for you to think on the web. Please give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

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Two-By-Four WriteRoom 3 for OS X Theme


From PixelGrinch: “The Two-By-Four theme features a nicely tiled and seamless wood background.”

Thanks PixelGrinch! Be sure to check out their site’s other WriteRoom themes!

Click to download.

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