FoldingText 1.0

I’m excited to announce FoldingText 1.0!

FoldingText combines the best of what we’ve learned from WriteRoom and TaskPaper into a new tool for plain text productivity. The foundation is a plain text outliner that uses Markdown formatting. But that’s just the start. I think the movie does a good job of showing what it’s really all about, go watch it! :)

FoldingText builds on the ideas in our existing WriteRoom and TaskPaper apps, but it doesn’t replace them. (We are 4 people at Hog Bay Software now and have continued to develop WriteRoom and TaskPaper throughout FoldingText’s development. We don’t plan to stop now). My expectation is that WriteRoom will always be maintained. It provides simplest possible writing solution with no bells and whistles. Long term (year a minimum, probably longer) when FoldingText can do everything that TaskPaper can do, FoldingText is expected to replaced TaskPaper. But that’s still far enough away to be unpredictable. Another option might be that we just update TaskPaper to use FoldingText’s engine.

Anyway, exciting day for us! I hope FoldingText proves useful!

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