PlainText - Synced text files for iOS (Preview)

A new app for reading and writing text files on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. PlainText is a fast, clean, synchronized text editor. Unlike Notes, PlainText works with Dropbox to instantly sync your changes to your Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop.

  • Clean paper-like user interface.
  • Organize your files with Folders.
  • Dropbox sync with offline and merging support.

Watch the screencast and let me know what you think in the comments.


How is it different from WriteRoom for iPhone?

  • PlainText will be free. (Likely add supported, maybe $0.99 in app purchase to turn off adds.)
  • PlainText’s mission is “Synced text files”. WriteRoom’s mission is “Distraction free writing”. Over time WriteRoom will get more features, PlainText will remain the minimum interface for synced text files.
  • Timing. I’m moving all of my apps to a new Dropbox sync model with a more paper like interface. PlainText is the common set of code that I’m building my apps one. Because of this PlainText will be ready sooner.

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